PHP installation

if you are working on a server and you know how to do it then this post is not for you. if you are working on a local machine and you are going to install a local server and run your web based program (PHP or Perl) with mysql database, then you are in a right place. we will talk about PHP installation on your local machine. 


xampp is an open cross-platform local web server package, that provide you Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database for scripts written in PHP and Perl.

you can install it from xampp website for your operating system. I am working on Windows and I should install it in C:/ directory. we can use installer or just download the package and copy paste it to the c:/xampp directory.

when you installed the xampp ( or just copy paste the xampp files to C:/ directory) you can open your browser (like chrome, firefox, safari,… yes Internet explorer also) and type “localhost” and you will see the landing page of xampp.

note* if you added a virtual host before, you will see the default site on “localhost”


mamp does the same job as xampp but only on mac. I don’t use mac, but most of mac users use the mamp instead of xampp. its installation is as easy as xampp and if you have any problem with installation, you can search and will find tons of articles and videos.

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