Dropbox tutorial for beginners


Most of us have such an experience that have to take a picture or record a music class or some important moment and we don’t have enough room on our cell phone, or we want to share a file with our friends and we can not sent it by email (there is a 10 MB to 20MB limitation for attaching the files to most of the major email services) or we want to move a big file from home to office or inverse and we forgot our USB flash drive. in all of these situation we should use an online secure storage service like Dropbox.com (2Gb free), google Drive (15 GB free), box.com (10 GB free) ,etc… .

I am writing this article based on my music teacher request Fariborz azizi, for using Dropbox to save videos and pictures.

1. what is Dropbox?

Dropbox and other similar services are a  file hosting service that provide you a free (and paid) storage space to store and share your data (images, files, videos, music ,….). there is a limitation for the space and after that limit you have to pay. Dropbox is one of the most popular online storage platform that has connection with so many other platforms.

you shouldn’t consider dropbox as a backup storage, it is exactly like your USB flash drive accessible anywhere you have access to internet. then you MUST make a copy of the files of your dropbox somewhere on your computer as soon as possible.

2. How to join?


For using Dropbox, you have to sign up to Dropbox.com by filling a form of your name and email and choosing a password (super easy and simple). But if you want to use just free service of Dropbox that gives you maximum 2 GB storage you should wait for a second!

Don’t open an account without invitation

You and your friend can get extra space by inviting your friends ( https://www.dropbox.com/referrals ) service. Then ask your friends to invite you and register on ( https://www.dropbox.com ) by invitation. when you install the Dropbox desktop app on your computer (I will explain later) and signs in to the app, both of you will receive bonus space of 500MB.

Free accounts get 500 MB per referral (both people). You can earn up to 16 GB in referrals (2 GB+ 16 GB = 18 GB maximum)

Read carefully for getting 3 GB more free space immediately at the end of this tutorial.

3. Dropbox desktop app

you can use Dropbox without installing on your computer by login to the Dropbox.com websit. But it would be more easier having it on your computer. because it create an extra folder for you on your computer and you can cut, move, copy and paste the files and folders stored on your Dropbox like other files and folder you have on your computer. they look exactly the same but they are on your Dropbox account and accessible everywhere you have internet connection. . I strongly suggest to install Dropbox desktop app ( https://www.dropbox.com/install ) on your desktop (or laptop)

Usage :

after installing you should have  a Dropbox folder like any other folder you have on your computer. when you upload a file or folder or when you make a new folder in this folder, automatically dropbox start to synchronize it with you online account. when it is synchronizing it shows a blue icon and when it finished it turn to green.

Very important alert to new users

Although you can see a folder on your computer, you MUST copy your files to somewhere else on your computer if you need those files in future, because as soon as you delete them from your cellphone or via dropbox.com, they will be deleted immediately from your dropbox folder on your computer.

4. Dropbox cell phone app

Dropbox has app for all cell phones and some other platform like facebook. you can upload, download and share your files on cell phone by installing Dropbox app on your phone.

if you use any kind of iphones go to app store on your cellphone or if your computer is sync to your apple account do it on your computer by going to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dropbox/id327630330?mt=8

if you use any kind of android phone (like HTC, Sumsong, ….) go to Play Stor on your cellphone or if your computer is sync to your apple account do it on your computer by going to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dropbox.android


when you install the Dropbox app on your phone, after login of course, you can see all the files and folders you have on your dropbox account.


They just shows an image of what you have on your account.

Then they don’t destroy your cell phone storage. but when you try to see inside a file or use a file, it start downloading to your cell phone. then don’t worry about your phone storage.

upload your images and videos

after taking a picture or recording a video, you can share it. by clicking on the share button, your cell phone gives you several option for sharing like message, email, facebook, … and if you have Dropbox on your phone you will see the Dropbox icon on the list. Click on Dropbox and add your image or video to dropbox. you can create new folder by using an icon on top right corner of your screen.

if your file is big or your speed is slow you will see a upload bar that shows how many percentage of your file is uploaded. after finishing, you can delete your file from your phone and download it from dropbox.com or if you installed the descktop app, automaticly you will have it on your descktop.


5. Extra 3 GB

When you finish installation the app on your computer (by invitation) you will get extra 0.5 GB.

if you install the app on your cellphone and login to your account, dropbox send you an email for how you can get extra 3GB space. you should do 2 more step. first look at the dropbox tour, and then make a folder on your account and try to share it that folder with one of your friend (just put his/her email) , now you should have about 5.75 GB space.

 6. summary

  • ask for invitation
  • make an account
  • install on your computer
  • install on your phone
  • take a tour
  • share a FOLDER with your friend
  • invite your friends if you like

The following image shows how we can install dropbox on my desktop.

The following image show how I upload an image from my cell phone to my drop box.

1. Take a picture (or record a video)


2. Click on image or video for share


3. Click on Dropbox


4. If you like you can create a new folder


5. Create a new folder


6. Add a name for your folder and click on “Create”


7. Click on “Add” for adding your file (image or video) to your dropbox accountadd-file

8. Your file will be upload and will show like below


9. if you login to your dropbox account online you will see your folder and your file


10. and your file will be there too


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