How to download video from youtube

iTunesArtwork@2xAlmost everybody who used youtube had this question “how to download video from youtube?” Because youtube is part of Google, you can not download youtube videos from Chrome, but there is a very cool and easy Add-on (or plugin) for Firefox that you can download your favorite videos from youtube in different formats (MP4,webm, flv,..)  and quality (HD, 720p, 480p,…) depend on original video.


If you don’t have Firefox, you should go to Firefox website (  and download and install it. It is a web browser definitely better than super painful Internet Explorer.


1-Click YouTube Downloader

1-click YouTube downloader is a free Add-on for firefox that you can install it on your firefox.

1-Click YouTube Video Download

open your firefox

go to and click on Add to Firefox

install the Add-on and close firefox and open it again.

it is done!


No open firefox and open the video you wanna download. underneath of video you will see a download button, (it is red as you can see on the image). if you couldn’t see in the first time, refresh the page and you can see it.

Click on download and you will see all the possible formats and qualities that you can download your video. For old videos you don’t have so many choices but for recent ones you will have enough.

1-Click YouTube Video Download Button

you can find your downloaded video on your Download folder of your computer.

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